What Is the Holistic Approach to Health Care
& How Can It Benefit Your Pet

Holistic healthcare for pets uses modern practices rooted in ancient wisdom that is a gentle, natural healing alternative to the control and suppression of symptoms that conventional treatments generally offer.  We highly recommend that you consider holistic modalities to help your pet achieve the best quality of life possible. When holistic practices are used in conjunction with conventional veterinary practices, (i.e. integrative medicine) your animal companion has the potential to achieve his or her optimal health.

What Is the Difference Between ‘Holistic’ and ‘Alternative’ Health?

Just as holistic medicine applies to humans, it can also be a wonderful method of healing for our furry, feathered or scaled companions. Our holistic and integrated service is offered in support of animal patients, owners and caregivers. Whether it is perceived as ‘holistic’, ‘alternative’, ‘natural’, ‘complementary’, or ‘integrated’ – the medicine used here at Animal Alternatives is the best we can offer for each patient as our emphasis is on the care and welfare of the patient.

We do not shun conventional therapy, per se, considering its worth in each case. No truly holistic vet can ignore the existence of conventional drugs which, while often unable to cure chronic disease, on some occasions they may be the only way to control distressing or painful symptoms. However, it is noteworthy how much healing the body can achieve when given the vibratory patterns, energy and nutrients to assist in its own healing ability.

The Benefits of Holistic Medicine

DogJumpHolistic medicine functions from the understanding that the human or animal body – when in balance – has the inherent ability to heal itself and maintain strong health. Holistic medicine is a practice that involves all aspects of the patient’s life when diagnosing and treating a particular condition. This includes the conditions your pet lives in, both the emotional and the physical ‘environment’.

Holistic modalities such as homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, tui-na massage/manipulation, herbal therapy, nutritional counseling, behavioral counseling and other non-invasive treatments assist in restoring that balance and harmony. When vital energies are restored and systems are in balance, your pet can heal and thrive.

In many cases, holistic medicine can address the same health concerns that would typically warrant a trip to a conventional veterinarian. And while holistic techniques are certainly different, it’s the philosophy behind the care that’s most unlike Western medicine. It is not so much a method of treatment as much as it is an approach to how treatment should be applied.

Conventional Western medicine tends to focus on the symptoms surrounding a specific diagnosis or disease, and then aims to ‘fix the problem’ through drugs or surgery. Countless lives have been saved by Western medicine and we have all benefited from these modern advances. But at times, conventional medicine only stops the symptoms of the underlying disease process. In those cases, there are a variety of  effective alternatives for your pets.  With so many people in the world requesting alternative medicine options for themselves, the demand for products and information on holistic veterinarian medicine has blossomed.

A holistic approach to health care looks at the whole body, (spiritual, emotional and physical), and helps the patient heal themselves, or bring their bodies to their optimal health. It addresses the energetic imbalances and blockages at the root of the issue rather than simply alleviating the overlying symptoms. When symptoms alone are treated with Western drugs, therapies, or surgeries, your pet may experience temporary relief. But without restoring harmony to the body, the persisting imbalances often results in an eventual worsening of symptoms and manifesting of disease on a deeper level of the (emotional and/or physical) body.