About Us

Dr. Anne Lampru

lampru_1Dr Lampru graduated from Auburn University School of Veterinary Medicine. She came to the Tampa Bay area to practice small and exotic animal medicine in 1980. She began her studies in alternative medicine in 1984 through the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association annual meetings and home study. She became certified  in veterinary acupuncture through the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society in 1987. She further studied acupuncture under Dr Su Liang Ku and the Florida Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She received certification as a human acupuncturist in the state of Florida in 1990 but does not currently treat people. Her studies in classical homeopathy have been with Christopher Day, MRCVS; Dr Jeff Levy, Dr Christina Chambreau and Dr Richard Pitcairn. Dr Lampru, her husband, Ed Greene have two children, Lillian and Paul. She has two black and white cats named Amelia and Genesis. Dr. Lampru’s hobbies include dancing, swimming, yoga, Thai Chi, listening to live music. 



Position: Veterinary Technician Experience: Bridget has worked for Dr Lampru since 2002. Hobbies: Loves photography, reading and movies. Pets: Cats – Khanada, Levi, Kili and Fili Family: Bridget has been married since 2006 and has an awesome daughter that was born in 2011.




Position: Veterinary Technician Experience: Liz has been in the veterinary field since June 2000 and worked for Dr Lampru from February 2003 through September 2006 when she left to raise a family. She rejoined Dr Lampru’s staff in October 2010. Hobbies: She likes reading, spending time with her sons and going to the beach. Pets: Dogs – Duchess, Zorro, Bane, Aegis, Chewie, Peanut and Finnegan;  Cats – Nala, Andy, Smores, Julian, Chaplin, Bigfoot and Jack the Pumpkin King; Rabbits – Parsnip and Booberry; Bird – Rio, Sun Kiss, Plasma and Meringue; Three Leopard Geckos; Bearded Dragon – Springtrap; Mini-Pig- LolliChop Family: She lives with her fiance, Steve and her two sons, LJ and Maximus.



Position: Veterinary Technician Experience: Taylor has been working in the veterinary field since 2012 and has been with Dr Lampru since July of 2017. Hobbies: Taylor enjoys scrapbooking, traveling, and spending time with her friends and family. Pets: Cats- Belle and Sassil Frass; Lab/Aussie Mix- Marigold (Mare Bear) Family: Taylor lives with her fiance Paul along with all of her fur babies. She will be getting maried in Nov of 2019 in the keys.




Grey Boy

Position: Greeter/Paperweight Experience: Has been with the hospital since December 2011 Hobbies: Chasing hair ties, napping in boxes, sitting on important papers and glowering at unruly puppies. Family: All of the staff within the hospital.




In Loving Memory of Bootsie

Position: Greeter/Paperweight Experience: He was with us since 2012. Hobbies: Jumping on high things (including the fish tank), drinking out of the water fountain and sinks, and stepping on important papers. Family: All of the staff within the hospital.

*Bootsie Passed away August 9th, 2018*