DogWithOwnerAtBeach2At Animal Alternatives, we want your pet to live the highest quality life possible.

Our education and experience as conventional veterinarians allows us to assess each case thoroughly based on physical examination and the interpretation of x-rays and lab work. After this has been done, we rely on our advanced training in nutrition, homeopathy, acupuncture and other holistic modalities to develop a specific, individualized treatment program that will safely and gently assist your animal’s return to health.

Vitality is achieved through balance in the body, mind, and spirit. Balance is achieved through meeting basic needs and minimizing the obstacles to healing.

We believe most individuals have the potential to heal themselves of their maladies. Our approach uses natural remedies and supplements to enhance your pets’ ability to heal on its own. The alternative therapies we offer include the following:

Dental Procedures*

Surgical Procedures*

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To seek holistic medicine for your companion, is to begin a journey towards toward healing and wellness. Most health problems developed over a period of time, and the process of returning an animal to an improved state of health also requires time.  Therefore, please remember that your commitment, patience and nursing care are essential parts of the return to optimum health.