HomeopathicPicHomeopathic Healing Theory

To understand how many of the holistic methods of healing are able to encourage an individual to heal themselves or regain a state of well being, you must first understand that we (and our pets) are more than physical bodies inhabiting space.  There is also an emotional/mental aspect, an energy body, and a spiritual body.  It is through our senses of taste, hearing, smell, sight and touch that we know we are here physically.  But it is our life force energy that gives our body movement, our emotional/mental self that gives us desire and our spiritual self that gives us purpose and meaning.

We are born with a certain blueprint encoded on our genetic DNA, but we are also born with illness patterns that have been handed down from our ancestors.  These inherited illness patterns are the basis for each new generation’s core health.  To this core is added each new insult to our vital health, whether it be exposure to bacteria or viruses (naturally or by vaccine injection), excessive heat, cold, dryness, damp, injury or surgery, even toxins in our food, water or environment.  In other words, the multitude of things that can happen to us all!  Each of these insults adds another layer to our core.

When we are young, we have more energy and vitality. When we have this strength we are able to handle a lot of insults and rebound from them without permanent impact on our health.  As we age, we are not able to do this as efficiently and our bodies start to break down.  The area of our body that has a problem is the area that inherently is our “weak spot” or has sustained a great deal of insult or injury.  When we are not able to heal ourselves, we get stuck in illness symptoms.  These symptoms are our body’s attempts at healing.  These symptoms are usually regarded as unpleasant and the conventional medicine way of dealing with them is to suppress them to get rid of them as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, this suppresses our vital force from ridding our body of the current insult and the problem can be driven to a deeper level.  The body is marvelous in resurfacing this buried illness and will do its best to bring it out to get rid of it.  External manifestations of internal disease can include skin eruptions, excessive ear wax production, eye discharge, hair loss or growths (cysts, warts, lipomas or cancers).  The body often uses the skin or other epithelial structures of the body (intestines, bladder lining, eye and conjunctiva, ears, etc.) to discharge toxins from the body.  If these areas are actively discharging and these discharges are suppressed strongly enough or often enough, the disease will then be kept on a deeper level and create internal illness.

When homeopathy starts to create the stimulus in the body to cure it’s self of its illnesses, it starts with the most recent illness and works on each illness in the reverse order of occurrence.  When the internal illness resurfaces, the symptoms of illness reappear and the body must be allowed to heal on its own.  The homeopathic stimulus can create an inflammation of the tissue to be healed. With this, the tissue has an increase in white blood cells and tissue fluids; this allows the body to go in and clean the area up.

Homeopathically speaking, the inflammatory reaction is called “aggravation”.  When chronic disease problems are treated homeopathically, this aggravation usually occurs 2 to 4 days after a remedy is given.  The reaction should be mild and start to resolve within 24 to 48 hours.  Only if the aggravation is excessive in intensity or length, or if there is a decline in the mental or emotional well being of the patient, should this aggravation be interfered with.  The over-reaction can usually be tempered through the use of other homeopathic remedies or non-suppressive supportive therapies.  It is important not to use any form of suppression because if these symptoms that have been brought back to the surface through the use of homeopathic remedies, are again suppressed, the body may never be able to bring these back out and the patient’s chance for a cure may be lost.  Homeopathy may still be able to help the patient but only to a certain level of health.

When a homeopathic remedy has initiated a curative response, the body starts to work on the current or most recent problem. If the remedy potency was correct and the individual has enough vital force energy, it will clear up this trouble spot. 

Then, the previously most recent problem is “inflamed” and the vital force of the body goes to work and attempts to clear this out.  In homeopathy this is called a “return of an old symptom”.  As in the initial aggravation, this should be mild and self-resolving. 

This can occur anywhere from 1 week up to 3 to 6 months after a remedy has been given, depending on the potency of the remedy that has been administered and the vital force energy of the patient.  It is important to realize that this return of old problems is good.  Actually, this is exactly what we want to happen!  Again, it is real important not to suppress this reaction.  This is the body going through its “dirty laundry” and clearing old problems.  The pattern of old problems resurfacing should follow in the reverse order of their occurrence in the individual.  That is why it is important to have as accurate a history as possible.  When the influence of the remedy is over, the individual will stop going through this process.  The patient will stop progressing and will get stuck in one pattern of illness, or may even show up with symptoms not seen before.  Another reason an individual can get stuck in a problem is if the area that needs to be cleared out has been surgically removed.  If there is no tissue to inflame, the body’s curative response will be halted.  Other “obstacles to cure” can include: administering vaccines, poor quality food or water, mental or emotional stress, poor lifestyle habits, lack of exercise, poor grooming habits, environmental toxins (insecticides, most drugs, air, water or electromagnetic pollutants, etc.), physical trauma, or exposure to large quantities of viral or bacterial pathogens.  Any of these obstacles to cure can influence the individual’s ability to respond to homeopathic therapy.  They can have such deleterious influences that an individual may not be able to respond at all.  We need to do our best to eliminate or minimize all potential obstacles to cure.

The second remedy prescription is determined by the response to the first remedy, what symptoms are still present, and any new symptoms that have shown up.  The best way to follow what is occurring is to keep a daily log on your pet.  Try to be as objective as possible.  Remember to include symptoms from all aspects: mental/emotional, physical and energetic.  One way to remember what is important, homeopathically speaking, is the three “R’s”Reaction, Results and Residuals.

Reaction: What was the initial response to the remedy?  Did your pet have a flair up of the current symptoms?  How was his/her mental/emotional state during this?  How long did it take for the intensity of the flair up to start, to subside?

Results:  To what extent did the symptoms improve?  How long did (has) the improvement continue(d)?  Have any symptoms gotten worse?  Have they improved since worsening or continued to worsen?

Residuals:  What is still a symptom or problem?  How intense is it compared to before treatment?   Have any new symptoms shown up?  Have any old or previous symptom(s) reappeared? Are these symptoms starting to improve on their own, are they worsening or staying at the same intensity level?

Bring your daily log or a chronological synopsis of your pet’s progress along with you to your next appointment.  It is not just what has happened that is important, it is the pattern of the responses of the body that will allow the homeopathic practitioner to correctly assess the progress a patient has made.      

Homeopathy has a great potential for initiating a curative response.  But not everyone will be able to cure themselves of their problems and reach the goal of vibrant health.  Some patients may have had surgery to remove “diseased” organs or tissues, or may have reached the point that there is irreparable physical alteration of the tissue, or may have had their problems so long the time needed to cure exceeds their potential lifetime. And for some, the physical unease of the symptoms will be too much to bear.  For these individuals, homeopathy along with other supportive therapies, can help them be as healthy as they can be and help delay their disease processes.

As the caretaker for your pet, you have the responsibility to do your best for your companion and yourself.  Be as informed as you can of all the alternatives available, including drug therapy, surgery, acupuncture, chiropractic therapy, vitamin/mineral supplementation, glandular supplementation, dietary therapy, exercise, grooming, aromatherapy, Bach flower therapy, gem therapy, massage and touch therapy, visualization and prayer healing (and any others I have not listed).  Also, be careful not to do too many things at one time, as this can be confusing or overload the body’s ability to function correctly.  There is a whole world of different ways that an individual can encourage themselves or their loved ones to be as healthy as possible.  Remember that the ultimate goal is to have the best quality life possible.  Do your best to maintain the quality that is already present and improve what you can; you will live your lives to their fullest potential!

Note:  The type of information that is most useful for a homeopathic practitioner is how an individual has responded in his or her own special way.  The patient’s specific symptoms, responses to insults that life has thrown out, basic personality traits, clinical history and especially whatever is unusual, peculiar or unique in the patient or their response individualizes them.  It is these specific qualities that allow the homeopathic practitioner to recognize which remedy would be most appropriate for that individual at that point in time.